Monday, November 17, 2014

Clearings from 2008 / 09 (in the studio Nov 14)

Samhain, &  Clearing I - II  Oil on canvas 24 x 20 ins each  -( 2008 /09) In the studio Nov '14
caught in a late evening dusky light.


Darrell Baschak said...

I remember witnessing the transformation of one of my paintings when it was hit by the late afternoon light and I thought to myself, "this is the true creator mocking me" as the colors went from what I thought were vibrant to something otherworldly. Maybe you thought something similar as the sun lit up your lovely paintings.

Cormac O'Leary said...

Yes Darrell
- so true - we can only manage a pale imitation of the great colour and light spectacle going on out there everyday - nature always does it so much better! Thanks for the observation, all the best Cormac