Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cinderella was here

Cinderella was here - found this arrangement on remote Yellow Strand Beach, Sligo


After lovemaking a stranger slipped between us,
silver skinned with stars of seasalt in her hair
she said she was a siren from the sea
She let me taste the oyster in her palm
the pearl on her tongue.
She said her seacave was deep, so deep in the bay

and if I swam with her she'd show me treasure
in the drift nets of her slipstream
in the white shell of her womb.
She said lovers were always swimming too far out to sea
getting entangled in her seaweed hair,
she said they left their hearts like stones on the seabed.

I followed her into the shallows, but lost her in the high tide
and when I woke in soaking sheets, her kiss stung like seasalt on my lips,
her song still trailed like doom across the sleeping bay.

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